Exceptional craftsmanship

Code of excellence
The spirit of craftsmanship in its highest and purest form drives Designed For Living srl production process. Its very own code of excellence is linked to Italy’s inimitable know-how, a distinctive feature across all the Prianera collection.
The company dedicates an unceasing activity to the daily research for balance between the beauty of work made by hand according to tradition, and the undeniable advantage and reliability of the latest technologies.
Every single stitching and every single fold are masterly crafted in order to obtain the best possible result. Each model is emblem of the commitment of the company to give value to the Italian product on the global market.
Every product is handmade with care and attention, and every single sofa is the result of numerous, entirely artisan manufacturing and control phases. Skilled hands work hard every day on the production, leaving nothing to chance and, above all, without neglecting all those details that distinguish the Prianera products.

Designed For Living srl is a certified Company, Prianera’s research for innovation is a rigorous testing ground, where design solutions are studied prior to being realized testing their reliability.
The solidity of the frame has 10 years warranty, the filling is made only by the best and certified materials, as foam, in different density to meet the best comfort depending on the design, and washed and sterilized goose and duck feather with all the certification required. The high standard of materials used provides the best experience of each single item in complete safety.
It is central the full expression of the “Made in Italy” concept, which today permanently mixes tradition and innovation: the skills of talented artisan are employed to finish a product created by modern technologies, while the intelligence of the hands balances industrial precision with sensitivity and emotion.
This high degree of know-how is constantly improved by the intensive research on materials and technological solutions thus enhancing the value of impeccable details. The commitment to excellence involves all the company. Prianera ensures that its products will stand the test of time by guaranteeing maximum quality. All the materials used also have the complete certification, to grant all our clients transparency, quality, reliability.


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