47122, Forlì - Prianera headquarter

It all began in 1972 and, thanks to ownership and generational changes, we are now masters of our craft creating upholstered furniture that exudes our artistry and fashioning living spaces that are distinctly Prianera. History and tradition have an inestimable value. They contribute to preserve the identity, the link with the territory and the culture of a community. Their manual essence and the “know-how”, which are handed down in time, find their highest expression in craftsmanship and in its creative evolution, up until today’s manufacturing industry.
With strong roots in the territory, the company Designed For Living srl is located in Forlì, where all the experience that the staff acquired during the decades of activity, together with their commitment and passion, distinguish the quality of its products and the strong character of a daring idea that revealed itself a great success: keeping alive the quality of craftsmanship and the vocation of the territory, through a design production, in an exclusively Italian setting.
A legacy of tradition drives its contemporary vision, inspiring a vast search into innovation and foresight for the future.
Prianera is designed to create emotions and materials are the protagonists.
Leather has something magical, reflection of ancient traditions. Leather needs a lot of experience and patience to be transformed from raw material to luxury product. A lot of practice over the years and art and skills handed down from generation to generation.
Prianera only select the best leathers from Italian tanneries, where the second life of the leather begins. Master tanners work with natural anilines the first choice leathers, in a real metamorphosis.
After this transformation leather is still recognizable in its quality, but now ready to dress Prianera products, where the leather’s charme is enhanced by design, seams, details, edging and embroideries.
Designers love this unique, amazing to the touch, versatile, flexible and resistant material.
Leather is perfect in its imperfection that makes this natural and noble element an expression of uniqueness. Leather gives emotions in each different piece, impossible to reproduce, which creates a timeless charm.
Prianera makes the same careful selection of excellent materials also for the exclusive fabric collection.
Unmistakable style in combining each design with the mood and the touch of the colors of its textiles.
Each collection has its owns nature and mood, selected to dress the Prianera collection with uniqueness and high quality.
It is this quality of the materials used that determines the collection’s aesthetic excellence, with the use of the very best Italian natural fibers and the most modern and certified technical materials.


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