An authentic message
The real beauty is created by the mind and made by the hands. Style, distinctiveness, research, tradition, innovation, in an exclusively Italian setting. This is Prianera.
Prianera started as a dream, a dream that head off from Forlì and went far as the best Showrooms worldwide to express the most stylish contemporary living. Design, style and manual touches are crucial for us, this is why our Italian heritage is and will always be at the core of the brand.
The Prianera collection includes sofa, armchairs, beds, and complements for living room and bed room, over the years Prianera has conceived a specific vision, a constant feature of every collection, always following the code of innovation in the spirit of contemporary lifestyle.
Pria Nera is the original name of the pencil, used for the first time in Italy in the XV century.
From the second part of the XV century in the North-Central area of Italy the black pencil, also called “pietra nera” (black stone), obtained a great success. It was natural coal coming from the fields of the region Piemonte, also mentioned in the essay about painting “Il Libro dell’Arte” (the book of the art) written by the Italian painter Cennino di Andrea Cennini:
I found a black stone (pria nera), from the region of Piemonte, it is a soft stone, which you can shape with a little knife, it’s black and you can perfectly model it to design as you want”.
The creativity of the designer pencil creating new models continues in the experience of the modeller pencil creating the cardboard cutouts composing each model.
Then the care of the artisan pencil follows these cutouts to select the best parts of each leather. This is Prianera.



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